How to make paper flowers

Here is how to make a beautiful paper flower. It is very simple and quick to do using very little tools. They are also quick to make and can be a fun craft activity to do with children. For different flowers use different coloured pieces of paper.

What you will need

  • A piece of black, green, yellow and red paper (all A4 although you won’t need all of it!) red for the petals yellow and black for the centre of the flower and green for the stem
  • Scissors – craft scissors work best!
  • Glue – a glue stick or if possible a glue gun
  • A tipp-ex pen to decorate the petals
  • Ruler and pencil

How to make the flower

  • First of all, you need to measure different shapes for each piece of coloured paper. For the red piece of paper draw two separate square measuring 9 cm by 9 cm. For the yellow paper, cut a strip measuring 2 by 18cm. Cut a black strip about 2 by 14cm to make the centre part of the flower.  For the green piece you will need to cut a few different shapes. You need a strip 3 by 8cm, a square 7 by 7 cm and then a longer rectangle shaped piece to create the stem which can be a long or short as you like.
  • Next, take the red square piece of paper. Fold corner to corner to make a triangle then fold the triangle corner to corner again to make a smaller triangle. Fold once more corner to corner to make an even smaller triangle then take your pencil. Using one corner as the point draw a heart like shape. Cut around the heart shape and then open it up. You will then need to cut this up to form your petals. On each petal, take the tip-Ex pen and draw three white lines. Leave to dry.
  • Now to make the centre part of the flower. Take the black and yellow strips of paper. First fold the black strip in half to save cutting twice then cut out small, thin triangle like shapes, leaving the strip looking like a comb, unfolding the black strip once you are done. Roll the black strip up, gluing down the end so that it can’t unroll. Cut the yellow strip in the same way that you cut the black strip (small, thin triangle cut outs) then unravel it and wrap it around the rolled up black strip, putting glue first on the black part for the yellow strip to adhere to it. Then, glue down the end of the yellow strip so that it is securely wrapped around the black part making the centre part of the flower.
  • You now need to add the petals to the centre part. Simply glue the bottom part of each petal individually onto the centre part, layering each petal to create the flower head.
  • Now to make the stem. Take the longer rectangular piece of green paper. Roll the paper from one corner to another, diagonally. This creates the stem. On the top part, cut a small amount of the paper off to square the edge so that it is flat. Then, cut two small slits opposite each other on the flat edge and fold back so there is a small area to stick the flower head to. Ensure the green slits are glued to the flower head to stop it falling off.
  • To finish the flower part off, take the square piece of green paper (7cm) and fold it corner to corner to create a triangle. Fold it twice more in this way. Cut the folded triangle in half, discarding one half. With the other half, cut little, thin triangles out of it on one side only. Open out, cut a slit to wrap it around the flower head and glue to the underneath of the flower head.
  • Finally you need to make the leaves. Take the green strip of paper (3 by 8cm) and fold it length ways in half. Then cut half of a leaf like shape on the outer folded green paper and unfold to make the completed leaf shape. You can make as many of these as you like. Once you have your leaves, glue them where you like along the stem. A glue gun works well for this particular part.

You can make several of these flowers with different length stems to create a beautiful bunch of flowers! Don’t forget that you can also change the colour of the petals to make a really nice variety of flowers.

Video from YouTube Channel – Ventuno Art

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