How to make a storage bag for your charging cables

Do you have lots of different cables for charging many devises in your home? To ensure they do not become lost or damaged, why not create a storage bag for them, to keep them all safe in one place? The bag is light weight and can be hung anyway that makes it easy for you to access in the home.

What you need

  • You will need a main piece of fabric measuring 10”by 18” (this can be specifically bought but you can use some fabric from around the house; old pillowcases worn really well!). Cotton material work best but other materials can be used as well. If you feel you need a bigger/smaller bag, simply adjust the measure accordingly.
  • A piece of fabric to line it with measuring 10” by 18”
  • A piece of fabric for the pocket measuring 10” by 10” (this could be the same fabric as the main part or something different)
  • A piece of fusible fleece measuring 9 ½” by 17 ½”
  • Another piece of fusible fleece lining measuring 9 ½ by 4 ½”
  • A 5” long piece of velcro
  • A 26” piece of elastic cut into two equal sized pieces
  • A piece of ribbon measuring 30” (any thickness is fine)

How to make

  • First, take the 9 ½ by 17 ½” piece of fusible fleece and place it on the wrong side of the 10” by 18” piece of fabric. Use the instruction on the fusible fleece packet to adhere the two pieces together with an iron.
  • Then get the pocket piece of fabric (10” by 10”), fold it in half with the wrong sides facing each other leaving the pattern on the outside. Now place the fusible piece of fabric (9 ½” by, 4 ½”) and like before iron it to the fabric using the packet’s instructions. Next top stitch the pocket along the folded edge.
  • Now on that piece of fabric, measure 5” from the side and 4” from the bottom (the bottom being the unstitched part) and mark it. This is for the top edge of the Velcro. Get the piece of Velcro, using the spot marked as the centre of where the Velcro will go and sew it to the fabric around all the edges of the Velcro. On the lining piece of fabric, make the same mark (5” from the side, 4” from the bottom) using the spot as the centre place the opposing side of the 5” Velcro and sew it down. This should now Velcro to the main piece of fabric. Keep the Velcro part attached while you finish the storage bag.
  • Now take the two pieces of elastic and measure 3” in from the edges on the long side of the fabric and pin the elastic there ready to sew. Stitch it at the top just to secure it in place, close to the seam. Draw a straight line using a ruler from the top of the elastic to slightly under the top part of the pocket, so that you have a line to stitch the elastic to. Make sure you draw a line for both pieces of elastic so that you have two lines.
  • Next, thinking about the kinds of cords you want to store in your bag, mark where you would like to sew the elastic to the fabric, ensuring that both marks lines up. Wider gaps between the marks will be better for longer/thicker cords. Once the marks have been made, stitch it to the material. Stitch the end of the elastic too.
  • Then, take the ribbon, fold it in half putting the folded end at the top and clip/pin it to the top of the fabric exactly half way along, going down the material. Sew the folded part down to the fabric, close to the edge.
  • Next, get the main piece of fabric and place it right side facing against the ribbon and elastic. Clip/pin it together. Stitch all around the cord organiser using a ¼” seam allowance, leaving a space for turning. Once done, turn the fabric the right way out, ready to sew the space left for turning. Fold the edges under roughly a ¼” and press it. Next, top stitch to catch the opening part then top stitch all the edges of the material to create your organiser.
  • Your organiser is now ready to use. Place your charging cables as you wish between the elastic in your organiser, then roll the fabric together, tying it together with a piece of ribbon.

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