How to make a make up bag

There always seems to be so much makeup, moisturisers and other essential cosmetics, but often not many places to store them. Make up bags are perfect when travelling or when you are out and about and need a few items as well as for storing specific items at home. Making your own make bag means you can make the size you want in the print you want too. Read the instructions below to make your very own personalised make up bag. You could even make one and give it as a gift!

What you need

  • Fabric, depending on the size you want for your bag (roughly 25cm). You need two pieces this size. It makes it more interesting by choosing two different pieces of material. For the inside material you can use some of this material or you can choose a different material again.
  • A zipper, around 20-22cm in size. Make sure it’s not too small or it will be difficult to get things in and out of the bag.
  • Sewing machine and iron
  • Pins or clips
  • Sharp scissors

How to make

  • First of all you need to cut the pieces of material you will need for the entire bag. Cut two piece of material that are 25cm by 15cm long. Use the other pieces of fabric to cut two pieces that are 25cm long by 10cm wide. For the inside material, cut two pieces of material 25cm by 26cm.
  • Now, take one of the pieces of material that is 25cm by 15cm long. Take one of the smaller pieces that is 25cm by 10cm. Turn them the wrong way so right sides are facing and pin together along the long side (the 25cm side). Use your machine to sew the two pieces together using a normal stitch. Do the same for the other two pieces of fabric of the same size. You should now have two pieces of material measuring roughly 25cm by 26cm. Remove pins and press both pieces.
  • Next, take your zipper. Place it face down at the top of one of the pieces that you have just made. Take one of the pieces of material for your inner part (25cm by 26cm) and place it face down on top of the zipper so the 25cm side is along the other 25cm side. The material should be facing each other right side. Pin the two pieces in place. Use your machine to sew these pieces with part of the zipper together. Have your zipper pulled half way to begin with. Then when you get to that point, knot your thread, remove it then move the puller of the zipper so it is out of the way.
  • Take the other pieces of material and sandwich them at the top of the fabrics, facing the right way on the other part of the zipper (ensure the material you want for the top is at the top of the zip).
  • Now to put the whole bag together. Place your materials so that the zipper is in the middle, the two inner pieces are next to each other and the two outer pieces are next to each other. The right side of inner piece of fabric should be face to face with the right side of the outer for both sides. Start at the bottom of the inner part, sew all the way around the materials. Be careful when you get to the part with the zippers that they do not touch the needle!). Leave around 8cm near the middle of the inner fabric open to put the bag the right way.
  • Now we are going to make the boxed corner. Keep the fabric the wrong way for this. Fold a corner so that the seam is in the middle. Make the fold about 2/3cm from the corner. Sewing along the fold to make a triangle shape and then cut off that corner, ensuring you cut the outer side of the stitching. Do this for all the other corners of the bag.
  • Now, turn the fabric the right way. Sew the opening that was left and ensure any loose thread is cut off/hidden. Press the material so that it is nice and neat, then you are all done! You can add a small bit of ribbon to the zipper to help pull it along, as well as making your bag look even prettier.
  • For bigger/smaller bags, simply use longer or shorter bit of material, ensuring the zipper is also an appropriate size for the bag you are making.
Video from YouTube Channel – Professor Pincushion

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